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dimanche 15 février 2015

The Golden Age of the Sheep Kingdom

Runaway kid lost in the wild
Wild jungle of the city
Soon finds out
The world is not a friendly place
Who should we blame
If the children of mother earth
Have turned into spineless chimeras
Who should we blame
When the heartwarming hand
Turns into a raging fist
Who should we blame
When abandoned by all
The kid starts drifting away

They keep praising diversity
And all these beautiful things
Respect, tolerance, and variety
Every value of our society
Don't you dare not fitting in the mold
Respect everybody
As long as they conform to your codes
Uniformity will never be
The thing you reckon as an utopy

The age of philosophers has come to an end
We have embraced a new way of thinking
We have embraced a new way of living
We have embraced the way of not thinking by ourselves
The way we embraced now prevents us from living
Like we should
Like our ancesters used to
Like we always should
Free to think
Free to love
Free to praise what is fair

That lone wolf of a man
Adrift in this world of sheep
Reluctant to mingle with the herd
Cast aside by their laws
These rules supposed to protect the weak
Turned us all into cordless puppets
And now the wolf is out for blood

We are the ones to blame
Our crime is our own failure
We have failed to resist
We did not pass the test
We played our part in this masquerade
The mask is a blindfold
And the toy box is our coffin
Our crime is our own inaction
Facing our world falling apart
We stood there and did nothing
When the slavemasters have talk us into
One of their misleading plans
We should have realized
It was our soul about to be sold
We are the ones to blame

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